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Hi, been seen and so what-The First Show of Freshmen on Sociology

Poster:Post date:2020-09-25

Sociology is compulsory course of freshmen. The fresh definition of sociology is “been seen” which surprise many students on their first class.

Associate professor Wang asks student to paint their face with colorful crayon, which surely “destroys” the “normal” figure of human face. And then, students must walk out of class to different “points” to sign their names. Of course, such points shall be a crowded place and many other students or teachers may “see” those students with clown faces. That is to say, students will feel the “been seen” from “society” which carries some certain “standard” of people’s appearance. The sublime line between “individual” and “society” might be felt through the eye-sight of the others.  

However, some student of this class also associated the “abnormal” faces with other “abnormal” appearance like beggars or some “wield” people who are not accepted by society. We judge people by their appearance rather than by their soul, by their behavior rather than by their heart. That is our society, whether you like it or not.

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