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Facing Agricultural Problem-Bravo of GTSM Students’ Performance

Poster:Post date:2020-09-28

National Central University has been authorized to hold the activities of social business by M. Yunus. One of those activities is championship of social creativity that could give new vigor into society.    

Graduate student Lin Wang-Zhi, senior Lin Jia-Ying and Li Wen-Zheng and Junio Tsai chia-Jun, under the direction of professor Chen Cong-Jian, deliver their project with ambition. Focusing upon the intelligence-based farm, they figured out the special way of agriculture: vegetable cabinet, which manages the lightening and watering of farming from remote control. Since the aging of Taiwan society, the shortage of labor power on the farm has been troublesome to its economic profits. Such vegetable cabinet hopefully can be a way out of such a problem, and that’s why this project was highly appreciated. Finally, out of 20 competitors, thay won a prime award and a special award from Carrefour, which is the main donator of this championship. After the joy of winning, the students hope others could also offer their ideas on the promotion of social welfare.

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