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History information:
In view of the gradual aging of Taiwanese society, our school took the lead in establishing the Institute of Welfare Technology and Service Management in 1995. This is the field of advanced age research and the first relevant research institution in Taiwan. At that time, our institute focused on the research and development of assistive technology. In 1999, the University Department was established as a four-year schooling system. In the early days of the University Department, the development direction was the management of assistive devices and nursing care institutions. With the increasing trend of social changes and declining birthrates, the University Department turned to long-term care and social work as the new main axis, while the Institute of Welfare The operation and management of the nursing organization is the focus. In the Republic of China in 110, the department changed its name to the Department of Long-term Care and Management, and at the same time added the holiday two-tech education system, and the system became more complete.

Department of Long-term care & Management walks by two legs. One is long-term care, and the other is social work. At first glance, we are not like some universities which set department of long-term care or department of social work separately. We keep both. One of the reasons has been the inherent close connection of social work and long-term care in practice, so we may even name ourselves as social workers of long-term care. Besides, with the concerning of young life of our students, we would rather make room of freedom for their choice as major. However, both choice are of bid demand in Taiwan. While holding the professional certificate of social worker and legalized professional carer, there are plural possible approaches ahead when our young students graduate.


In fact, we start our education career from master program first, rather than undergraduate department. Our master program focuses on the management of elder institutions. On a different level from social work and long-term care, master program demands a more creative imagination of viewing the phenomenon of aging. Master program plus undergraduate department, we have constructed a relatively complete framework for elder study.

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